The Renter agrees of the additional provisions which form part of the Rental Contract.


  1. SECURITY DEPOSIT A security deposit will be required upon pick-up of the vehicle by the Renter with the amount of $350.00 plus a total amount of rental. The amount will be held to your account and will release upon return of the vehicle.
  2. AGE LIMIT Renter must be 25 years old and above.
  3. UNAUTHORIZED DRIVER The Rental Contract is voided if the car is driven by any person other than the renter or any additional drivers as named in the Rental Agreement. A fee of $50.00 will be charged for any unauthorized driver.
  4. ADDITIONAL DRIVER CHARGE will attract of $10.00 per day.
  5. RENTAL EXTENSION Notify the office for rental extension or any changes in the Rental Contract.
  6. SMOKY RETURN We maintain a non-smoking fleet. You will pay an additional charge of $ 250.00 if you return the vehicle and it smells or is soiled from smoke or e-cigarette vapor.
  7. LOST OR DAMAGED KEYS There will be an additional charge for lost or damaged keys as follows:
    1. Smart Key – $600.00
    2. Regular Key – $350.00
  8. ACCIDENT If the rental vehicle is involved in an accident, this should be immediately reported to the Police by calling the hotline 911 and then to D & B Auto Rental.
  9. DIRTY RETURN/SANDY RETURN/SOILED INTERIOR A fee of $150.00 will be charged for excessive dirt, sand, wet or soiled interior.
  10. RETURN Vehicle must be returned to D & B Auto Rental office at the time specified in the Rental Contract. Leaving the vehicle without consent may be subject to criminal penalties and the Renter will be responsible for any costs associated with recovering the car.
  11. LATE RETURN FEE Late returns attract a fee equivalent to one day’s rental charge.
  12. FUEL SERVICE CHARGE If the vehicle is returned with less fuel than was in it when it was rented, you will be charged of $9.00 per gallon.
  13. TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS Renter is responsible for any fines and costs arising from traffic violations such as speeding and illegal parking.
  14. CHILD SEAT is available at an extra charge of $5.00 per day.
  15. AIRPORT PICK-UP/DROP-OFF Free of charge.
  16. DELIVERY CHARGE additional fee of $25.00 for drop-off and pick-up of the rental vehicle at a location other than the D&B Auto Rental Office.
  17. FREE ONE (1) DAY RENTAL: The renter has a one (1) day free for 7 days rental.